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Mackenzie Owens standing with one leg kicked back while holding a chemistry beaker in one hand and a makeup brush in the other hand


The Bubbly Scientist

Hey Ya'll! I'm so glad you stopped by! So, my name is Mackenzie Owens. I am from Michigan and I love all things girly like makeup, nail polish, jewelry, and fashion of course! I make my own lip glosses out of natural ingredients, and I've also started experimenting with nail polishes. The whole world will know my brand one day!


One of my closest friends in the entire world is Olivia Jackson. We've known each other since we were born and she is the best baker I've ever met in my whole entire life!


I'll be honest with you: she has her mean moments, but I also know she has a tender side. Oh, she was so mean to Madison at first, but now they seem to get along pretty well... I think. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I have faith in them!

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