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The Brilliant Techie

What's up party people! I'm Jihan.... pronounced Jye-Han.... most people mispronounce it, but I adore my name—it was also my great grandmother's! As for me, I'm 12 years old and a Georgia native. My cousin and best friend is Madison. I'm a little disappointed because she relocated to Detroit, leaving me here in Georgia! But it's fine, I'll be up there in the summer!


I love all kinds of tech stuff. Many of my friends have websites and blogs that I designed for them, and they consider me their "tech support." In my spare time, I enjoy writing also. When I was a kid, I used to make up pretend TV shows and Madison and I would act them out for our family. Let's just say I'm a genius when it comes to writing and all things tech.


Basketball, swimming, and volleyball are all sports that I enjoy, but basketball is my favorite. My dad used to play in the NBA so he shows me all the "new moves". Sometimes, he does try to make me choose between tech stuff and basketball, but I just happen to be good at both! It sometimes bothers me that he doesn't recognize my love for computers. Maybe one day he'll see it when I'm rich! 

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